Experience the Luxury of Extra Pure Essential Oils

Oils extracted diligently from their natural sources and brought to you, with love.


To create the safest and most effective wellness products for your lifestyle.

Why Our Products?


We ensure no animals were used in the creation and testing of our product line.

All Natural

We source clean, plant-based ingredients to develop safe, non-toxic formulas.


Our products arrive to you in sustainable, recycable packaging. to reduce our carbon footprint.

Extra Pure Goodness

Purity of essential oils varies from brand to brand, and Mind&Soul india's essential oils are extra pure, which means they have no other forms of oils mixed with them.

Made With Trusted Products

Our goal is help people feel more aligned with themselves which is why we only use impeccable quality resources.

Long Lasting

Since our oils are extra pure and are brought to you in high quality packaging, the scent of the oils is long lasting, giving you the whiff a small dab.


Thus far, our products have received a lot of love from our happy customers.

"Worth Every Penny I Spent"