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Meet the founder Shivani Lal who founded Mind&Soul India with the aim to bring wellness and luxury to cnsumers without them having to worry "what's in this". In times as busy as these, her vision is to help people feel more aligned with themselves.

What We Do

We believe that luxury should be an experience however, not a sporadical one. That's why we bring simple luxury to our consumers, the kind they can trust and indulge into, without having to block their calendars.

Our Goal

We at Mind&Soul India aim to make wellness and luxury a part of people's day to day life by crafting wellness products that our busy consumers can indulge into without worrying about the authenticity or purity of the products they are using.


Our Why

In busy times like these, people often forget to take care of themselves, and our goal is to help them feel more aligned, centered and pampered with our range of product, because taking care oneself should not be once in a while event.

Community and Us

We prioritize fair trade and ethical labor practices, ensuring that we source our materials responsibly.

Additionally, we invest in local community development programs, such as education and healthcare initiatives, to improve the quality of life for the people we work with.


Media resources and contact

For media inquiries, wholesale and stockist inquiries email us at